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Attaching the x-carriage to the x-rails.

Step 1

Lay the upper x-carriage assembly on top of the x-rails, and drop the four (4) M4x40 nuts and washers through the holes in the four corners. Important Note: There are 2 nuts that go under the recess of the upper x-carriage half that are used to mount an extruder. It it easier to place them now and use a short M4x16 to keep them in place.

Figure 1 - Upper x-carriage on rails with 4 mounting bolts dropping in.

Figure 2 - Mounting bolts in place

Step 2

Slide the lower x-carriage assembly up from the bottom of the x-rails and onto the four (4) mounting bolts.

Figure 3 - Lower x-carriage moving into position.

Step 3

If using end-stops, you can place an x-flag end-stop onto one of the 4 mounting slots as shown.

Figure 4 - Optional end-stop x-flag in position.

Step 4

Next add four (4) washers and nuts to the bottom to secure both x-carriage halves together. These 4 bolts serve as tensioners for the bearing-guides to press against the x-rails. The tighter they are the more drag; too much drag will cause over heating of the motor. To little will cause too much play in the bearings.

Figure 5 - Adding the retaining washers and nuts

Figure 6 - Completed x-carraige assembly

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