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Building the x-carriage

Step 1

First step is to build the bearing supports. Put them together as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2. You will need to make a total of 4 of these.

Figure 1 - Putting together an x-carriage bearing guide

Figure 2 - Complete bearing guide

Step 2

Next add mounting bolts and nuts to each of the four (4) bearing supports from above. Just run the nuts up the bolt a few turns at this step, leaving the through bolts loose.

Figure 3 - Adding the mounting bolts

Figure 4 - Mounting bolts in place, but loose

Step 3

Next mount two (2) of the bearing-supports onto each end of a x-carriage half. Once in position tighten the bolts to clamp the bearing guides in place. Repeat this step for both x-carriage halves. One of the two halves is done at this point, the other gets additional parts and will become the lower x-carriage.

Figure 5 - Adding the bearing supports to the x-carriage plate.

Figure 6 - Bearing supports in position and tightened.

Step 4

Next assemble the belt mount by attaching the two belt clamp blocks to the belt-plate. Keep all of the nuts loose at this time. Once mounting on the machine, the two smaller block are used to clamp the x-belt to the x-carriage.

Figure 7 - Assembling the belt clamps

Figure 8 - Assembled belt clamps, notice that everything is loose

Step 5

Add the assembly mounting bolts and nuts as shown, keeping loose until next step.

Figure 9 - Adding the mounting nuts, kept loose for now

Step 6

Now mount the assembled belt clamp onto one of the x-carriage half, and tighen the two (2) mounting bolts. Leave the four (4) belt block nuts loose for now. This x-carriage half will be the lower half of the x-carriage when assembly is completed.

Figure 7 - Attach the belt clamp to lower carriage half

Figure 8 - Assembled lower x-carriage half

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