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Mount Z-Motor and Z-Tensioner

Step 1

Decide where you want your z-motor based on your preference. The standard orientation is to have the y-motor to be the back of the Mendel and the z-motor and x-motors on the left as shown in Figure 1. You can change this if you desire just remember that wiring will be easier if both the x-motor and z-motor are on the same side of the machine.

Figure 1 - Standard motor positions

Step 2

With the assembled frame in front of you the y-idler facing you and the y-motor in the back, lay the two threaded rods (stud-z-base-beam) across the bottom two frame sides between the M8 Nuts and Washers already on the frame. The M8 nut and washers will be used later to position and clamp the z-motor and z-tensioner in place.

Figure 2 - Position of the stud-z-base-beams, note the relative position between the nut and washers already on the frame.

Step 3

Next lay the z-motor-bracket and z-motor-tensioner on top of the stud-z-base-beams such that the stud-z-base-beams lay in the grooves on the bottom of each bracket. The bottom of the bracket should just rest on the frame cross bars.

Figure 3 - Z-brackets in position

Step 4

Using 2 rod-clamps, (8) M4x40, (16) M4 washers, and (8) M4 nuts, loosely clamp the z-motor in place as shown below. The clamps will be tightened later during the final alignment.

Clamp the z-tensioner-bracket using the same procedures.

Figure 4 - Clamping the z-motor-bracket to the frame

Figure 5 - Both Z-brackets clamped in position

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