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Welcome to FlemingCNC, home of the CNC machined RepRap Mendel that we call Isaac.

FlemingCNC is a small family-run business founded by two brothers, Todd and Brett. Our goal is to lower the cost of RepRap 3D printers and make them easier to build and use. One day everyone will be able to turn their ideas into both artistic and useful objects. We aim to further this goal.


We have been working overtime during the break and have more than doubled the documentation on the Website. We hope to finish off completely very soon.

If your one of the dozen's of current Isaac owners please give us feedback on the documentation. Any changes, shortcuts or even errors; we'd love to know about them so that the next person's build is even easier.


Please checkout the updated documentation on the website.

Our lastest build documentation is now available. We will also be maintaining a copy on the RepRap wiki. It will also be available on this website shortly and possibly in PDF form.

We are still updating the documentation and posting updates. If you have a question about building your Isaac/Mendel please contact us.



We are always experimenting with different materials here at FlemingCNC. All kits are made from solid HDPE instead plywood like a lot of other kits out there. Not a single person building one of our kits has reported a broken part.

We are excited to offer our Isaac kits for sale. Isaac is a 3D printer derived from the RepRap Mendel, and true to its roots is completely open source. Anyone with a CNC mill is free to cut out the pieces to the Isaac design. Owners of an Isaac or Mendel sized 3D printer can also print parts for another Isaac enabling replication.